Breyer Classic Molds

(alphabetical order by common mold name)

Breed suggestions will depend on the color of the horse in question.
Mold Name Gait Conformation/Gender Breed Ideas Breeds to Avoid
Action Quarter Horse Mare walking (debated) . . .
Andalusian Foal slow canter, right lead . Lippizan, Mustang, any light breed or stock breed draft breeds
Andalusian Stallion cantering, right lead . Azteca, Andalusian, Hispano-Arab, Criollo, Mustang, pony or horse cross, Caspian (not ideal - too wide) drafts, heavy warmbloods
Andalusian Mare trotting . Andalusian, Lusitano, Azteca, other Spanish type draft breeds
Arabian Foal standing . . drafts
Arabian Mare prancing? . . .
Arabian Stallion canter, left lead (very collected) decent Arabian, just on the chubby side (which was in fashion when they were first sculpted) Arabian, half-arabian, Welara, Morab, Arab/pony cross, possibly Welsh Sec A (slightly too leggy) or Sec B (although too refined) Caspian (too chunky), National Sport Horse
Black Beauty cantering, left lead . . drafts, typey ponies
Black Stallion (Shetan) standing bug-eyed Arabian, Half-Arabian, Morab, Quarab, Arab cross, Shagya .
Bucking Bronco bucking . Mustang, grade or cross .
Duchess standing better as a young horse; neck somewhat short, narrow-bodied TB, Selle Francais, assorted WBs, MFT .
Frolic stallion ? . Quarter Pony draft types, Welsh
Frolic foal frolicing :) fairly generic breed-wise Morgan, Quarab, Quarter Pony draft types
Ginger cantering . Lusitano, PRE Connemara
Hobo galloping . . draft breeds
Jet Run standing . Hanoverian, Trakehner, TB, Oldenberg, ISR, Swedish WB, Hessen, Dutch WB, various warmbloods and sporthorses .
Johar pawing, starting to walk cresty, odd gait, eyes are set high (typical Breyer problem), forehead bulge Arabian .
Keen walking . TB, Hanoverian, Westphalian, TB-cross, various warmbloods and sporthorses .
Kelso walking/prancing better mare, possibly gelding, maybe young stallion TB, light WB, TB cross, light sporthorse draft, heavy QH, heavy WB
Lippizan levade . . Quarter Horse, draft breeds
Man O' War standing very good TB type and conformation nice TB, TB cross, Trakehner, Selle Francais, lighter WB draft breeds, heavy warmbloods, typey pony breeds, Akhal-Teke
Mandrake (new for 2006) . . . .
Marigold (new for 2006) . . . .
Morgan Foal (new for 2007) cantering . . .
Merrylegs walking/pawing oddly placed eyes, good pony type generic grade pony British Shetland
Might Tango cantering . TB, Anglo-Arab, Hanoverian, various light warmbloods and sporthorses, Australian Stock Horse, Australian Riding Pony heavy warmbloods, drafts, typey ponies
Mustang Foal standing . Mustang, Chincoteague, grade, POA, Shetland Pony, Quarter Horse, almost any light breed draft breeds
Mustang Mare standing . Mustang, grade, Chincoteague .
Mustang Stallion standing . Mustang, grade, Chincoteague .
Polo Pony galloping/cantering . . .
Quarter Horse Foal walking/standing . . .
Quarter Horse Mare standing . QH, stock horse or pony, Quarter Pony .
Quarter Horse Stallion standing . QH, Quarter Pony, other stock horses or ponies .
Rearing Stallion rearing . . .
Ruffian walking . TB, TB cross, warmblood draft breeds
Sagr walking (sort of) long neck, forehead bulge, eyes set high, frog-eyed, long cannons Arabian, Half-Arabian draft breeds
Shire (new) trotting leg action is a bit high for Shire Shire, possibly Clydesdale, draft cross, grade draft .
Silky Sullivan standing . TB, British Part-Bred Arab .
Swaps . very good TB type and conformation, looks mare-ish nice TB, Arab cross, British Part-Bred Arab, Anglo-Arab, Shagya pure Arabian, draft breeds
Terrang standing not a younger horse TB, British Part-Bred Arab, Australian Stock Horse, older TB, TB x Connemara cross draft, Connemara Pony
. . . . 11-15-2007

Western Performance Series
Mold Name Gait Conformation/Gender Breed Ideas Breeds to Avoid
Barrel Racer (Scamper) cantering, turning to the left . stock breeds, Australian Stock Horse draft breeds
Cutting Horse cutting . stock breeds draft breeds
Reining Horse sliding stop . stock breeds draft breeds
Roping Horse galloping . stock breeds draft breeds

These as a whole are fairly stylized and artistic, and don't show well in general. However, as always, there are exceptions.
Mesteno Series
Mold Name Gait Conformation/Gender Breed Ideas Breeds to Avoid
Challenger (Mesteno and Sombra) rearing . Mustang, grade TB, Arabian, heavy draft types
Dawning (foal) standing . Mustang, grade TB, Arabian, heavy draft types
Messenger standing . Mustang, grade TB, Arabian, heavy draft types
Progeny leaping? Mustang, grade TB, Arabian, heavy draft types
Mesteno's Mother standing . Mustang, Grade, Chincoteague TB, Arabian, heavy draft types

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