Breyer Traditional Molds

In alphabetical order by common mold name.

Traditional Adults
Mold Name Gait Conformation/Gender Breed Ideas Breeds to Avoid
Adios standing older gelding or stallion Older Standardbred, foundation-bred QH, earlier-era QH, other stock breeds, grade or cross, light draft cross, Spanish Norman (Andalusian/Percheron cross), Registered Irish Draught, Irish Draught Sport Horse pure draft, Arabian, TB, Australian Stock Horse, Foundation Paint
American Saddlebred (clock horse) standing (stretched) gelding/stallion; breed limited by pose Saddlebred, possibly NSH, Spotted Saddle Horse draft breeds
Andalusian (new for 2004) cantering/galloping . . ponies, heavy draft breeds
Aristocrat (Hackney) standing (show stance) . Hackney draft breeds
Ballyduff (resin/porcelain) trotting . . .
Belgian trotting . draft, draft cross Ardennes
Big Ben trotting, circling left . Dutch Warmblood, Dutch Tuigpaard, Hanoverian, Oldenberg, Wielkopolski, Knabstrupper, Belgian WB, British Appaloosa, Holsteiner, Dutch Harness Horse, Cleveland Bay cross, Gelderlander cross Trakehner, Kisber-Felver, Irish Draught, Akhal-Teke, Cleveland Bay, pure Gelderlander
Black Jack (resin/porcelain) molded-on tack . .
Black Beauty cross-cantering cross-cantering is not a desired gait in most under-saddle classes heavy-type Hanoverian or Oldenburg or other WB lighter WBs
Black Stallion walking/pawing looks more feminine, prone to tipping over Arab, Hispano-Arab draft breeds, pony breeds
Bolya (remodeled Halla) (see also Halla) standing slightly ewe-necked, goose-rumped Standardbred, Akhal-Teke, A-T cross, TB cross, American Warmblood draft breeds, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Criollo, anything stock-type
Buckshot trotting? often prone to tipping over . draft breeds
Cantering Welsh Pony (CWP) cantering, right lead heavy forehand, large head, weak hindquarter, boxy feet, poor Welsh breed type, upright pasterns and hooves Grade or cross-bred pony pure Welsh, esp. Section B
Cedarfarm Wixom cantering . Percheron, Belgian, Boulannaise, Russian Heavy Draft, other draft, grade draft, possibly draft/light cross Clydesdale, Shire, pony, light breeds
Cefnoakpark Bouncer standing . . .
Celestial (aka Times Square) (new for 2007) . . . .
Cleveland Bay - see Tregoyd Journeyman . . . .
Clydesdale Mare standing . Clydesdale, other draft light riding horse, non-feathered draft
Clydesdale Stallion walking . Clydesdale, other draft light riding horse, non-feathered draft
Cigar galloping/cantering, left lead . TB, TB cross, appendix QH draft breeds
El Pastor (Paso Fino) paso? has the build of a younger horse Paso Fino, Rocky Mountain Horse, various gaited breeds draft breeds
Family Arabian Mare standing . Arabian, Shagya, Shagya cross draft and pony breeds
Family Arabian Stallion trotting? . purebred or part-Arabian, Shagya, Quarab, Morab Mo. Fox Trotter, draft and pony breeds
Fighting Stallion rearing . . .
Five-Gaiter racking breed choices limited by gait/pose . draft breeds
Fjord (Henry) walking, trotting . Fjord .
Flash (new Morgan) cantering . American Sport Pony, Working Hunter Pony .
Foundation Stallion walking mare or gelding, not very masculine lighter Azteca, Spanish Barb, Andalusian, Lusitano, Mustang Arabian
Friesian trotting . Friesian, Friesian cross, Finnhorse, grade carthorse, various draft or draft-cross, Cleveland Bay cross, North Swedish Horse (riding type), Moriesian Cleveland Bay (too much feather)
Fury Prancer prancing . . .
Galiceno standing . Galiceno, Criollo .
Gem Twist cantering . Belgian WB, Dutch WB, Danish WB .
Goffert (New Friesian 2006) trotting . . .
Grazing Mare grazing . QH, TB, Standardbred .
Haflinger cantering . Haflinger, other small horse or pony .
Halla (see also Bolya) standing shoulder somewhat upright, slightly goose-rumped TB, TB cross, Standardbred or STB cross, lighter sportbred or warmblood, possibly Akhal-Teke and Nez Perce horse Australian Stock Horse, Kiger, QH, Criollo
Hanoverian extended trot (hind leg is lowered for balance purposes) . Hanoverian, Oldenburger, Holsteiner, Westphalian, Dutch WB, various warmbloods, British sporthorse breeds heavy draft, pony breeds
Huckleberry Bey trotting very good Arabian type, minor hind leg problems (esp. stifle) Arabian, Half-Arab, Arab cross draft breeds, Shagya (too Arab-typey)
Icelandic (porcelain only) . . . .
Ideal Quarter Horse standing right side of neck/shoulder is flat, frog-eyed on right . .
Indian Pony walking . Mustang, Indian Horse, grade, foundation Appy, various types of Mustang .
Iron Metal Chief (MFT) fox-trotting . Missouri Fox Trotter .
John Henry walking pre-2003 releases very lumpy in places, slight parrot-mouth, eyes a bit bulgy and uneven from the front TB, TB cross, Standardbred, Missouri Fox Trotter, Selle Francais, Australian Stock Horse draft breeds
Jumping Horse jumping boxy head various heavier warmbloods, Hanovarian Anglo-Arab, Selle Francais, Trakehner
Justin Morgan standing eyes are set high, slightly straight shoulder older-era or stock-type Morgan, Cheval Canadien, MFT, Alter-Real, Andalusian, Lusitano, Mangalarga, Peruvian Paso heavy draft, park-type Morgan
Keltec Salinero (new for 2007) . . . .
Kennebec Count (new for 2005) standing . . .
Khemosabi walking way too long in the back . draft breeds
Lady Phase standing younger horse, good shoulders, "lazy eye" on one side (mold flaw) Quarter Horse, other stock breed, Australian Stock Horse heavy draft
Lady Roxana trotting neck is too thin, body is chunky and lacking in detail overall Arabian, Arabian cross, Shagya .
Legionario walking (Spanish walk) . Andalusian, Lusitano, other Spanish breeds .
Llanarth True Briton trotting very horizontal pasterns, bad hocks . .
Lonesome Glory walk/collected trot/prance gelding or young stallion TB, TB-cross, Akhal-Teke/QH, A-T/TB, possibly Nez Perce, Budonny, or Tersk Akhal-Teke
Magnolia (resin) . . . .
Man o' War standing . Thoroughbred .
Marabella walking/circling . Paso, Morgan, Paso Fino, MFT draft breeds
Midnight Tango trotting . Miniature Horse draft breeds
Misty standing better mare grade pony, Chincoteage pony, possibly foundation Shetland Dartmoor, any native British pony
Misty's Twilight trotting oddly un-natural gait/pose . .
Morgan (Stretch Morgan) standing (parked out) . Morgan .
Morgenglanz trotting . various warmbloods and sport types, Trakehner, Wielkopolski, Baden-Wurttemburger, Swedish WB, Kisber Felver .
Moritz (porcelain only) . . Black Forest Horse (Schwarzwälder Füchse), Noriker .
Mustang (Semi-rearing) rearing . . .
National Show Horse (Rejoice/Naranda) trotting looks more like a younger horse ASB, NSH Morgan (too light)
Nokota . . . .
Old Timer standing (hip-shot) sway-backed grade, cross-bred, possibly draft cross Arabian, Shetland Pony
Othello aka Galway Warrior (porcelain) . . draft type Arabian, Shetland Pony
Pacer pacing breed limited by gait Standardbred .
Performance Horse standing . . .
Phar Lap cantering (right lead) . . .
Piper (aka Highland Pony - resin) . body is wrong for a mature animal cross-bred pony, Highland yearling .
Pluto piaffe (hind hoof lowered for balance purposes) . Lippizan, other Spanish .
POA (Pony of the Americas) standing boxy feet, straight hocks, upright pasterns POA, Quarter Pony Connemara
Polo Pony cantering/galloping (on base) . . .
Premier Arabian Mare (porcelain only) . . . .
Proud Arabian Mare standing mold flaw - recent issues toe out badly in front; slightly chubby (the fashion when she was created) . draft
Proud Arabian Stallion standing Notes on Arabians . draft breeds, Shagya (back too short)
Quarter Horse Gelding standing/walking Mold is more of a Foundation QH type, not a modern QH Foundation QH, draft x light horse cross, British cob type modern QH, modern stock breeds
Quarter Horse Yearling standing . . .
Race Horse standing molded-on tack limits showing possibilities . .
Ranch Horse Funky Chicken - possibly backing short pasterns, short neck, unknown gait; no stallion characteristics, makes a good gelding or mare stock breeds heavy draft, typey pony
Rocky Mountain Horse (resin) . . Rocky Mountain Horse .
Roemer cantering . various warmbloods, Dutch WB, Anglo-Arab, Selle Francais, Trakehner
Roy . . draft, draft cross .
Ruffian (new for 2006) running . . .
Rugged Lark walking side of neck is often sunken in . .
Running Mare cantering (right lead) canter is slightly off, looks feminine Morgan, Morab, grade, Shagya, older-type Arabian draft breeds
Running Stallion Funky Chicken doing some unknown gait grade .
Running TB (new mold 2004)(2004 Smarty Jones) See "Smarty Jones" . . .
Saddlebred Weanling . eyes are too high and too far forward, otherwise good breed type; beware of funky knees Saddlebred .
San Domingo walking slightly long in the back, typical Breyer imperfect tendons & feet Mustang, grade or cross-bred, Australian Stock Horse .
Secretariat standing head looks too small TB, Budyonny, possible Akhal-Teke or A-T cross .
Sham trotting/prancing legs are different lengths and misshapen, bad joints, very short back, very small muzzle in proportion to head Arabian or Arabian cross - very typey .
Sherman Morgan trotting/prancing stylized, has some conformation problems - lack of detail, bad legs and neck . .
Shetland Pony standing . Shetland, grade pony any native British pony
Shire mare walking . . .
Shire Horse (porcelain only) . . . .
Show Jumper (aka Cantering Warmblood, Ideal) cantering/galloping (on base) short neck, small ears Irish or British hunter, various WBs, British sporthorse breeds, some cross with a touch of pony blood Irish Draught or ID Sporthhorse (ears too small)
Silver rearing . grade, Thoroughbred, TB cross, cross-bred pony, American Sport Pony, Knabstrupper Pony, Quarter Pony, pony/horse cross, various riding ponies that look more horse-ish Mustang, Akhal-Teke, Caspian
Silver Lining (resin only) walking . QH (racebred), Australian Stock Horse, Irish Draught Sport Horse pony, draft
Sir Buckingham (porcelain only) . . TB cross, pony cross, British sporthorse breeds Cob
Smarty Jones (new for 2004) running (on base) . TB, racing-bred QH .
Smoky Funky Chicken . grade, mustang heavy draft
Spanish Barb (porcelain only)(aka Leandro) . . Spanish Barb, Camargue .
Stock Horse Mare walking . . .
Stock Horse Stallion walking problematic forelegs QH .
Strapless . body looks like a younger horse TB, TB cross, American WB, light warmbloods or sporthorses, Anglo-Arab, Selle Francais, Danish WB, Dutch WB, British sporthorse breeds draft or typey pony breeds, heavy warmblood, Appendix QH (too light)
Stud Spider standing better gelding or mare stock breeds heavy drafts, extremely typey ponies
Sucesion standing, head curved . . .
Tennessee Walker (Midnight Sun) running walk breed is limited because of the gait TWH QH, TB
Thoroughbred Mare standing . TB, TB cross, Tuigpaard .
Touch of Class standing very thin legs, small head TB, Selle Francais draft types
Trakehner standing . warmbloods .
Tregoyd Journeyman trotting Roman-nosed . .
. . . . .
Western Horse standing . grade, stock breed cross, TWH, MFT, Saddlebred (older-era pleasure type), Tuigpaard .
Western Pony standing . grade, stock breed cross, TWH, Saddlebred (pleasure type) .
Western Prancer prancing . Arabian, Arab-cross, Quarab, Morab, grade .
Zippo Pine Bar trotting/jogging (slowly), possibly walking - much debated . Quarter Horse, other stock breed .

Traditional Foals
Mold Name Gait Conformation/Gender Breed Ideas Breeds to Avoid
Action Stock Foal (ASHF) cantering . . draft breeds, typey ponies
Amber standing early releases had misplaced chestnuts TWH, Morgan, warmblood, any light breed .
Ashley lying down early releases had misplaced chestnuts almost any light breed - Australian Stock Horse, Morgan, TB .
Clydesdale Foal standing . Clydesdale, Shire, other draft breeds .
Family Arabian Foal (FAF) standing . Arab, Shagya, almost any light breed .
Grazing Foal grazing . almost any light breed .
Le Fire . . . .
Lying Down Foal lying down . almost any light breed .
Phantom Wings standing . almost any light breed .
Proud Arabian Foal standing . any light breed or cross/grade .
Running Foal trotting . almost any light breed - Australian Stock Horse, Morgan, Morab, Shagya .
Saddlebred Weanling standing (show stance) . . .
Scratching Foal scratching, on three legs . almost any light breed .
Sea Star standing . almost any light breed, Bashkir Curly? .
Stock Horse Foal (standing) standing . almost any light breed .
Stormy standing . almost any light breed, Bashkir Curly? .
Suckling Foal standing . almost any light breed .

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