My Work in Progress

In 2001, I bought Breyer's make-your-own-custom-model kit, and started working on my very first self-customized project.

Picture #1
This is the unpainted Kelso just out of the box.

Kelso in primer Kelso in primer

December 2001: Kelso in his first layer of Krylon primer. He had some sanding done on rough spots; I took care of what seams I could, removed most of the logos, and attempted to carve out the hooves and ears. All work was done with an emery board and a Swiss Army Knife. Very low budget :).

January 2003

Currently, he's had another layer of primer (I found a few spots I didn't hit well) and is sitting on my coffee table wearing his first layer of white base coat. I'm leaning toward making him a buckskin or palomino, or some variation of dun. I'm a sucker for the "odd" colors.

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