Welcome to Dragonsgrove Farm.

Dragonsgrove is the new home for my main hobby - collecting and showing model horses. I plan to showcase the cream of my small show string here, and I may branch out into other things.

New additions to the Herd

Show string
I've put up some quick pictures of some of the horses I show in TOPSA.

The Non-showing Herd
coming soon

My first custom model
I'm working on my first ever custom model, thanks to the Breyer make-your-own-custom kit with the unpainted Kelso model. Pictures are here, take a look at the progress. Poor Kelso spent over a year sitting around in his grey primer, but now has a sparkling-new base coat of white paint. Eventually, he'll either be a buckskin or a palomino, if I can get him finished before the paint dries out. :)

The Breed Assignment table
I've started this project, with the assistance of the IPABRA list and others, to create a table to help model horse showers and collectors assign breeds to their models.

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