Photo and Live Showing - Mold Ideas and Information

This page was created to give people ideas about what breeds they could show their various models as. Suggestions are based on whether a model fits a given breed's requirements and known types.

Breed Assignment:
When assigning breeds to molds, here are other things to consider. No matter what breed you call it, how a given horse does at a given show depends a lot on two things - the judge's opinion (which is what you're asking for by entering a show) and what else is on the table (often shortened to WEIOTT) with your horse. So, while the FAS isn't the greatest example of a purebred Arabian (compared to other Arabian molds available), your bay FAS could still do well depending on the competition. Judging shows is very subjective, and judges won't (and can't) know everything about every breed. Do your due diligence in researching breeds, and if you show a model as something out of the mainstream, be sure to have documentation to back up your choices. Remember, too, that some breed books are inaccurate. There is no such breed as a Canadian Cutter, among other things.

All suggestions here will also depend a great deal on what color your model is. For example, you probably shouldn't show a palomino FAS as a pure Arabian - the palomino color doesn't exist in the Arabian breed. An ISH with extreme amounts of chrome and body white won't do well as a Quarter Horse, even though the mold is a very good example of a stock breed - the AQHA has limits on how much white they will allow. Horses with too much white usually are registered with the American Paint Horse Association.

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