Breyer clock horse September 2002. The new black and white ASB (clock horse). This was the only one in the store, so I bought him. Made in China, nice eyewhites, but some of the spots are fuzzy-edged, and two on his near shoulder have some unnaturally straight edges. Shown currently as "Credibility Gap" but I may change his name.
Breyer Comanche September 2002. Comanche, also from Play 2 Learn. I had two to choose from this time, and this one had the best shading. Shown as "Synergy" for two months so far.
Breyer Marabella October 2002. Got a great deal on an original Marabella on Ebay ($16 plus shipping). Beautiful horse. She looks great next to the liver chestnut Morgan, although I think I like the bay color better. Shown as "Polynesian Splash" at the end of 2002.